Why Choose BizBox HS7?

BizBox Hospital System 7 is designed with all the users in mind. Given that there are many stakeholders in this one single application, careful consideration is given to address the needs of administrators, physicians, accountants, medical staff and IT personnel. BizBox HS7 is one of the best hospital systems in the Philippines.

One of its strength is "the full integration from front end transactions to backend accounting."

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Cirrus Online HMO System - eClaims Solution

Our Microsoft.NET Framework and Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform based solution allows Cirrus-registered hospitals to send and receive personal and billing information of patients to and from the Cirrus-registered HMOs across the Internet over a secured line.

Cirrus Online HMO System provides the following:

  • Real time processing of HMO Claims
  • Secured data communication between hospitals and HMOS
  • Fast and accurate data transmission
  • Reduces number of working hours for processing HMO Claims
  • Makes current hospital to HMO processes online:
    • Checking of HMO member's eligibility
    • Getting approval number
    • Verifying patient's diagnosis if it's coverable by the specified HMO
    • Requesting for approval from HMO on medicines, procedures, and other medical services provided to the patient
    • Sending of billing statement to HMO and replying back to hospital on which transactions are to be paid by the specified HMO

For an affordable per transaction charge, Cirrus Online HMO system changes the current trend of claiming HMO benefits by hospitals from sending and receiving paper documents to seamless and paperless transactions.


Setup and Deployment:
BizBox Prepatory Guidelines for Implementation (with Cirrus Features)

Support and Training Information:
Procedure Update for New BizBox 8 Application with Cirrus Features

Specs and Reference:
Server Pre-Requisites

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Announcements - Monday, February 25, 2013

To Our Valued Clients,

As a tradition of BizBox Inc., we will have our Holy Week break starting March 25 to 29, 2013 in the observance of the Lenten Season and will resume its normal operation on April 1, 2013. For any concerns or inquiries during the holidays, you may still reach us through our hotline numbers at 09178918884 and 09228095901. Depending on the degree or complexity of each issue reported, assistance may incur possible service charges. Rest assured that we will try our best to assist you in any ways we can during this time. You can also check for our website for additional details.

Sincerely yours,
BizBox Management

Announcements - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hospital System 7.45.2.OR is now available for download.

Announcements - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hospital System 7.45.1.OR and Diagnostic Ver.7.45.1.OR with Reports, New Fixes and Features are now available for download.

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